Perfect Fit Guarantee

Your first shirt?
We give a guarantee for it.


If for some reason the size of the received shirt is not perfect for you - we will remake it for you free of charge.




Just contact us, raise your concerns, and send the unused shirt back with photos and we will fix the problem. We will implement tailoring corrections or sew it from scratch, because your favorite shirt is our priority.


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What does the process look like ...?


  1. Send us a message to the following address: Please specify “Perfect Fit Guarantee" and add the order number in the subject line of your email, and include the reason for the mismatch along with the photos indicating the problem.
  2. After receiving your email, we will process your request. We will also determine whether the shirt you ordered requires only minor tailoring corrections or whether it needs to be sewn from scratch. 
  3. After this stage, we will get back to you and arrange for our Courier to collect the shirt you wish to remake under guarantee.
  4. As soon as the shirt returns to us, we will look into modifying it. We will send the ready - corrected or brand new - product back to your address.
  5. Remember: the entire process is completely free of charge. There are no hidden costs!




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