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Your TYXO shirt will fit you so well that it can happen that you forget to take it off before bedtime. We can guarantee this thanks to our application which is going to  collect your exact measurements professionally and accurately in less than three minutes. 

See for yourself - we will sew your first shirt with a 40% discount.



You choose the design from among several dozen proposals for every occasion - for everyday use, for a wedding or a formal meeting. We focus on the classics of men's fashion, so in our collection you will find, among others, the Italian collar, cuffs with cufflinks, as well as a mandarin collar shirt. Relax, we offer advice on what to wear for certain occasions.





Now, the best point. With our application you will get your measurements in less than 3 minutes and two photos. In this article you will find instructions on how to do this. The perfect cut made of soft cotton will be 100% tailored to you and your figure!

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You place an order and three weeks later the shirt travels right from the tailor's needle to your address. And you can always return to your measurements on our website and update them, if necessary. We know that size likes to change ...?



TYXO tech setup, that is, how does it work?


We focus on fast and accurate silhouette measurement. You can do it wherever you feel like doing it - at home, at work, on vacation. We offer an application that will guide you through the entire process. Just take a front and profile photo, enter your height and weight - and that's it! The process is then taken over by artificial intelligence and the algorithm. 


Artificial intelligence supports scanning your silhouette using your phone camera. The program, simulating the work of neural networks, finds the most important measurement points of the body, and thanks to the ever expanding database, our cyber tailor's measuring tape is getting smarter with each new photo.


On the basis of two photos, the algorithm creates a precise 3D model, which is the basis for the constructor creating patterns in a special program. They finally leave the digital world to become the base for cutters and seamstresses.


Everyone who orders a shirt for the first time using our app can benefit from a 40% discount on the first order! Interested? Choose a shirt for yourself.