How to roll
the sleeves up?
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Shirt with short sleeves is like disco music. Nobody officially admits the fact that he likes it, but its popularity continues to increase. Worn by some on every occasion, considered a fashion faux pas by others. But what can you do when the heat is pouring from the sky, and you are far from being a fan of this item of clothing? Gentlemen - it's time to roll up your sleeves!

How do you do it so that you still look neat and elegant and feel comfortable at the same time?


We must admit one thing about shirts with short sleeves. They are functional and provide a far better air circulation during the summer heat. However, not everyone likes wearing them. And let's face it, an elegant meeting is not the right time and place for this kind of ... experiments. That's why we, like your best friend, have a good and proven tip: roll up your sleeves.




As a rule, there are two ways of rolling up the sleeves. The first is the most popular and quite often used by most men. But first things first:


- first unbutton the shirt cuffs


- then fold the fabric to the height of the cuff and roll it upwards


Isn't it simple? Although this technique is the most common, it is not the easiest one to implement. This method can be applied at a casual, daily look, e.g. during a social event or in the office, where a strict dress code is not required. However, it does involve some risk. The layered fabric creases and hampers the movements. But if you wish a bad boy style - it is going to be ideal! What if you have an important business meeting ahead, where there is no room for ease and nonchalance? Just follow these four steps and you'll be the master of the situation:


- at the beginning unbutton the shirt cuffs


- then turn the cuffs to the left side and pull them up to your elbows - of course make sure that the fabric underneath does not fold or create unsightly creases


- then cover the cuffs and roll out a piece of fabric from underneath - rolling it as long as it is required


- finally, make sure that no creases are visible and you're done!



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Just remember that the same as adding juice to beer is a crime, carrying a tie with rolled sleeves is a serious style misdemeanor! Everything is of course a matter of taste and we know that one man’s garbage is another man’s art, but believe us - it does not look good!