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You cannot even count how much time you have spent in the fitting rooms, trying on shirts that would not fit you anyway?

We all know the problem, but from now on, everyone can forget about it. In TYXO we believe that is the size of a shirt which has to fit you, not vice versa! That's why we have reached for modern technology and created a virtual tailoring measuring tape.


With the TYXO application, you can forget about ill-fitting shirts. The program using artificial intelligence will scan your figure and create an accurate 3D model. It is a simple and quick process. Before you reach for your smartphone, you might want to meet some of our suggestions thanks to which the purchases will be just perfect.


Above all, the right clothes


To make the correct scan of your body, it is important what clothes you are wearing. Take it easy,  you do not have to dress up and put on a shirt to the photo. That will come when we sew it for you! So far, a usual t-shirt is sufficient.

It is important, however, that it has no collar and fits your body as snugly as possible. If you have longer hair covering your arms, bundle them in the back.


TYXO_21_05_foto_blog (1)



The TYXO application works in two modes:


1. Selfie

To perform measurements in this mode, you do not need any tripod or selfie stick. A low and stable object like a table or windowsill is suitable. Set the phone vertically on it, more or less at the hip level.


2. Another person's support

You can also enlist the help of a partner or a good friend. The other person must only ensure a firm hold of the phone and do not move it while taking the picture!



! Regardless of the mode selected, it is important that the telephone is at a 90 degree angle to the ground. The gyroscope bar on the right side of the screen is going to help you with this. Ready? Now you can position yourself in front of the lens. It is important for you to have some space behind you, so that during the measurement you can take a few steps back.



Now we can proceed to scanning and creating a 3D model of your figure. For this purpose, the TYXO application will take two photographs - first position yourself front-facing the camera, then sideways towards it. For easier and more precise measurements, we display the outline of a silhouette on the screen - it is important that no part of the body sticks out beyond the "drawn" figure.


!  Do not mute the multimedia audio, so that the virtual TYXO tailor is able to communicate with you during the measurement!


Below you will find some more tips - how to pose and what to avoid.


Photo no. 1 front-facing


✔ Keep your head straight and look ahead

✔ Keep a straight posture

✔  Lower your arms freely along your body

✔ Stand slightly apart, keep the distance between the feet (about 15 cm)


Don’t do this:

X Do not rest your hands on your hips, also do not hold the hands behind your back

X Your legs should not be joined, and the arms can not cling to the body

X Do not tilt the body to the left or right



tyxo_blog_foto_front (2)



Photo no. 2 Profile

✔ Look ahead and keep a straight posture

✔ Keep your arms along the body, they cannot stick beyond the silhouette contour 

✔ Do the same for legs and feet - keep them close together



X Do not tilt head

X Do not pull your hands forward or backward

X Do not slouch

X Do not turn towards the lens.






We’ve got it! It was not hard, was it? Now we are sure that the measurements are correct, and the TYXO shirt will look like it was tailored just for you. After all, that is what we do.