A shirt with trousers, everything you need to know!
Shirt tips
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You have an important meeting ahead for you and your shirt has started  migration to escape from the trousers? Check out what to do to avoid a faux pas


Another day full of challenges. You have a meeting with the boss and important negotiations. Their outcome will determine your future in the company. As a man who values style, you want to look smart and neat. So you reach out for your best shirt. However, on the way to the meeting you encounter obstacles ... You have to run up a few meters to catch the tram. At work, you have to reach out for a coffee mug located on the top shelf. You bend down to tie your shoelace. You sit down at the desk and get up again some time later and so on several times. And it has only been one hour at work! If you think that your shirt will bravely hold to your trousers, prepare for the worst!


Oh, yes. This is a problem for all men. But don't worry, like a lifeboat, we are coming to the rescue! These few hints will certainly be of great help.




First - the right length 


If you are tall like a basketball player and passionately buy shirts in chain stores, you should be aware of this one thing - they will be too short and unruly. And then all your subtle movements and grace at every tilting or lifting hands upwards are in vain. So where is the key to success? It is in a well-fitted shirt! If you buy one with the proper length, reaching to the middle of your buttocks, it is clear that it can go out a little, but fixing it will be a smaller problem. You will find more about what to consider when buying a perfect shirt in our other text: THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS.



Second - the type of trousers


They also play an important role in how your shirt fits. Does it not matter to you? Time to change your mindset! When choosing an outfit, it is worth considering with which trousers we plan to match the shirt: high-waisted or low-rise. Do you enjoy wearing the former? It’s okay, we respect each choice. But remember that they are extremely treacherous - the shirt will fall out of them with great ease. Are you a lover of elegant styling? Good choice! Suit trousers usually have a higher raise, sometimes they even reach the navel. Just like John Travolta in the "Saturday Night Fever" you can go crazy on the dance floor and be sure that your shirt is not going to join you. Everything will remain in its place. The challenge arises in a situation where you want to create a casual look. What will you do? We know from our experience that fitted trousers - and, of course - a shirt will work best! Trust us. We know the drill.



Third - the procedure of putting the shirt on


You will ask - what procedure? Putting a shirt on is no philosophy. Well, it is. But let's start from the beginning. You certainly do it like most men, that is, you put your trousers on, you tuck the shirt inside, you fasten the buttons and the belt? Well. This is the most common and the least efficient way. You crumple your shirt from the very beginning. How can you avoid this? First of all, tuck it into the trousers, but only at the front! What next?


- zip up your fly, but do not fasten a button nor belt


- use your thumbs to put the shirt on the sides, following from the front to the back


- pull down the back of your shirt. Now you have the most material on the back. Make folds on your left and right buttock and smooth out the bumps 


- fasten the trousers’ button and the belt


Et voilà!


If you have been in the army, you are familiar with this procedure. It is ideal in the case of regular-cut shirts. Follow it, and you will always look neat and elegant!





Remember that even the most expensive shirt always looks shabby when it falls out of your trousers. A creased shirt, with unfavorable folds of fabric around the abdomen, is the view, which strongly repels the opposite sex, and yet you wish an opposite effect! So make sure it remains in your trousers as long as possible. Finally, the key principles at a glance:


- get rid of the shirts that are too short for you


- insert the shirts into high-waist rather than low-rise trousers


- use an old and proven military method of inserting a shirt into the trousers, especially if you wear the regular cut.


We guarantee that the shirt will look good on you even after a whole day of wearing it with trousers, it just takes a little effort to wear it properly.